The Govanhill People’s History Project began from a realisation that, although there is much talk and much has been written in the press and social media about its modern urban problems, there is very little to be found about its rich past and the voices of its residents are not always heard. This project is about correcting that.

The launch of the website, listening trail and accompanying booklet is only the beginning. We hope it generates more stories and projects celebrating the past, present and future of one of the most stimulating neighbourhoods in Scotland

  • Project Co-ordinated by Bob Marshall
  • Supported by Community Renewal
  • There are over 100 hours of interviews with local residents and workers which have gone into creating the Listening Trail and the other audios. They are listed below.
  • The interviews were carried out by a team of volunteers to whom we owe a special thanks. They are listed below
  • Interviews co-ordinated by Linda Fleming and Sue Morrison with support from the Scottish Oral History Centre
  • The Listening Trail was created by Lucie Potter
  • Listening Trail map and illustrations by Rosie Cunningham
  • Most of the portrait and street photographs are by Donnie McLean who worked as an intern on the project as did photographer Anna Paul
  • A number of individuals and organisations gave their time to develop the idea, and to provide critical support. They are listed below.
  • Website design by Cole AD
  • A special thanks goes to David Zabiega of Govanhill Community Development Trust for his support throughout the project
  • The project was funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund with additional financial support from Glasgow City Council
  • Archives - we have over 100 interviews with people from Govanhill about their lives and their views. If you want to listen to them you can do so by contacting the Scottish Oral History Centre where they are stored. There are written summaries you can look at to help you select the topic you may be interested in. Email

Thank You

Volunteer Interviewers

We owe a special thanks to the volunteers who gave their time to find and interview local people for this project. They demonstrated great skill and dedication: They are Marzanna Antoniak, Jane Baker, Annie Bowyer, Paul Choi, Evin Downey, Robert (Sandy) Dziewialtowski, Arifa Farooq, Gerry Hurrel, Rachel Kelly, Shahid Khan, Janet MacDonald, Jim McGregor, Angela McHugh, Martin Mellon, Michal Merika, Tim Mitchell, Michael Morris, Memmona Saeed


The History, Listening Trail and audios would  not have been possible without the enthusiastic response from about 150 residents, former residents and others with a connection to Govanhill and Crosshill. They are: Darina Ambrozyova.  Shkoor  Anwar, Naeem Ahmad Azeemi,  Jane Baker,  Ralph Balarsky, Tomas & Daniela Bisek,  Gordon Black,  Michael Blair, Annie Bowyer,  Bridie Boyle, Catherine Burnett, Lorna Cairns,  John Cavanagh,  Jessie Chalmers, Lillian & Michael Corbett, Lisa Helen Craig, Peter Crkon,  Miro Cuba, Natalie Cunnell, Kathryn Currall,  Ann Dickson,  Sandy  Dziewialtowsk,  Lyn Ewing, Robert & Wilma Farrell, Rose Fishback, Thomas Fitzpatrick, Gerry Fleming, Jeanette Foggo, Stanley Foster, Margaret Gallagher, Rita Gallagher, John Gilfillan, Pawel Glowienka, Nadine Gorenay, Isabel Gray, Anna  Griffiths, Simon Harlow, Valentyn Horvath, Mhairi Hunter, Susan Hunter, Bill Johnstone, Harvey Kaplan, Tina Kenzie, Kate Keter, Dalibor Kudrac, Donald Lawrie, Anne Lear, Archie &Teresa  Linich, Karl Linich, Iain MacInnes, Betty Mackie, Helen Macleod,  Ronnie Mason, Olive & Derek Maley, Daniel Martin, Shoma & Paul Mazumder, Paul McCormack, Brian McGuiness, Margaret McGuiness, Grace McIntyre, Chrissie McKenna, Irene McLellan, Mary McMahon, Anne McManus, Gavin McNae, Ian Mitchell, Tim Mitchell,  Zamirah Moffat, Keith Moore-Milne, Derek Morrison, Steven Niblock, Jenna Niblock, Marion Nisbet, Maria Novotna, Frank O’Neill, Betty Painter, Fiona Pediani, Yousef Prasad, Maria Prokopova, Billy Quinn, AliceRafferty,  Jagjit Rakhra, Moyra  Robertson, Michael  Rodgers, Maureen  Russell, Dominque Salah, Sarah Sanaghan, Sam & Del Saxby, Caroline  Scott, Sahilla Shamim, Anwar Shkoor, Soryia  Siddique, Silvana Sinclair, Eddy Steele,  St Brides Pupil Council, Maria Smith, Cecily Smith, Nicola Sturgeon, Maria Svitkova, John Sweeney, James Sweeney,Mieczyslaw Sylwester, Alan Tanner, Rita Trotter, Jaqueline Urquhart, Tomas Uruba, Fatima Uygun, George  Verrecchia, Paula verrechia, Kenny Williamson,  Bill Wilson,Darren Wilson, Lorna Wilson, Linda Winters, Carol Wiseman, Inga  Zaiceva

Steering Group and Support

Andrea Gillsepie, Ghazala Hakeem, Shahan Khaliq,Crawford McGuigin,Kumkum Nayyar,Tabassum Niamat,Lucie Potter,Rhoda Yarmahmoudi, David Zabiega

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