Govanhill History Listening Trail

The Listening Trail is a 45 minute guided walk through the heart of Govanhill. It is made up of extracts from the many interviews given to us by the people of Govanhill about their memories of coming here and living here.

It is self guiding with start and stopping places. The map can be downloaded here and also shows you the route, the stopping places and the main buildings mentioned. The audio above can be downloaded as an mp3 to play on your smartphone and the map to the left can be printed out to walk the trail.

This trail features stories and memories shared by Govanhill people themselves, to give a flavour of their experiences living and working in the area, good and not so good, their struggles and their hopes.

You will hear about the local shops and how they have changed, about school life, children’s games and going to the cinema. You will also hear about life in the old tenements, and going the Baths, and first impressions of coming to live in Govanhill.

Take your time and look up and round about. The Trail is designed to match the stories you hear with what you can see about you as you walk along, and there are specially recorded background sounds and effects to give you the full sensory experience.

Please take care at road crossings. If you need, you can stop and start the trail according to your own walking speed, though ideally keep in time with the footsteps to enjoy its magical full effect.

Whilst the trail is free to use and download, its content is copyright protected. Please contact the project team to request permission for commercial/public usage. We hope you enjoy it!.

The Trail was created by Lucie Potter and the trail map was illustrated by
Rosie Cunningham
The voiceovers are by students of Holyrood School.
The trail is dedicated to Maria Novtona, whose story is part of the trail, and who passed away in 2014.

Please Turn your Device to Landscape Orientation