Our Story – “For a better life”


For a better Life

Many people have been involved in creating the Govanhill Peoples History.

The website is the main source for the stories, images and acknowledgements. It is a work in progress to be updated and added to, and where we welcome your comments and additions. To do this click on the Menu and the ‘Share your History’ button.

It also has a guide and map of the Govanhill Listening Trail which you can download from the website. You can do the walk yourself, listen to local voices and sounds and through it meet the people of Govanhill.

You can also view many Images of people and places in Govanhill and listen to more Interviews with Govanhill people (Go to Menu)

Govanhill and adjacent Crosshill, mainly tenements, have survived the demolition of similar areas of Glasgow to continue their historic role as reception areas for people coming to the city. We begin our story in around 1830 when the first wave of arrivals to work and live were Lowland and Highland Scots, followed by Irish, Jewish, Italian, and from 1950 South Asian, and now East European, including the largest Roma community in Scotland. The neighbourhood also attracts young professionals, students, artists, both single and families from across UK. Its continuing diversity is unique in Scotland.

It is a place of public struggles to improve housing and retain services but also the quieter struggles of individuals and families. Ask why people have come and the answer is always Workers-Dixons-Blaze“for a better life”.

The stories of Govanhill’s people may be of times and events now gone but are also reminders that, wherever they have come from, people’s lives and hopes are much the same.

Photo: Workers at Dixon Blazes