Something Old and Something New

The Old and the New

Govanhill and Crosshill still have reminders of the old ways of life. The Govanhill Picture House is now empty but there were at least 6 cinemas and dance halls before the days of television. Campbell’s in Victoria Road sells boys and girls uniforms and does not seem to have changed its style for 60 years. And the majority of residents still trudge up and down the same close stairs, but no longer to go to the baths for a wash or the steamie with the weekly washing.

Parts have been redeveloped but much of the old Victorian tenements and layout are as they always were. It is this and the variety of affordable flats (and some quite grand ones) which attract many to come and live here.

The new Govanhillers come from all parts of the world but mostly from the rest of Scotland and UK – students and city workers, young families, artists, musicians, and start up entrepreneurs. They have brought with them new life in the form of cafes, artists’ studios, the annual Streetland festival, collective gardening and many other community projects.

It is this mix and vitality, often lost elsewhere in the city, which makes Govanhill,for many, a great place to live and a desire to make it even better.